(interviews, reviews, and press organized roughly in chronological order)

Bookforum. “The Hills Have Lies,” by Frank Guan

All Things Considered. “Historian Makes Case for ‘What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia.’”

New Yorker. “The New Old Politics of the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike,” by Benjamin Wallace-Wells

New York Times. “Barbara Kingsolver: By the Book.”

Guernica. “Appalachia Isn’t Trump Country,” by Regan Penaluna

The Outline. “Appalachia Deserves Better than J.D. Vance,” by Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Los Angeles Times. “What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia,” by Leah Hampton

Salon. “Put Down Hillbilly Elegy and Read this Book Instead,” by Erin Keane

The AV Club. “What are you reading this month (August)?” by Laura Adamczyk, Laura M.Browning, and Caitlin Penzey-Moog

New Republic. “The Truth About Appalachia,” by Sarah Jones

On the Media. “Appalachia Beyond Coal.”

Lit Hub. “Is the Rust Belt Ruined or in a Renaissance?” by Amanda Arnold

Booktimist. “Hope and Contradictions in Appalachia,” by Travis Stimeling

New York Review of Books. “Left Behind,” by Nancy Isenberg

Scalawag. “Telling Tales: How the Media Fails Appalachia,” by Rachel Garringer

Daily Yonder. “New Book on Appalachia Takes JD Vance to the Woodshed,” by Jim Branscome

Creative Independent. “Writing History in the Present Tense,” by Kim Kelly

The 1a. “Elegies and Effigies: Who Speaks for Appalachia?”

der Freitag. “Wohnwagen, Inzucht,” by Peter Kuras

The Roanoke Times. “Did You Read Hillbilly Elegy? If So, Read this Rebuttal,” by Wayne Yancey

Klassenkampen. “Bak Fattigdomsbildet,” by Carline Tromp

NPR Embedded. “Coal Stories.”

The Nation. “Can Local Food Help Appalachia Build a Post-Coal Future?” by Sarah Jones

On the Media. “New Strides in West Virginia’s Old Labor Movement.”

New Books Network. “What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia.”

Off-Kilter. “The Pros and Cons of the West Virginia Strike Deal.”

Majority Report. “What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia.”

Parts Unknown: West Virginia. “Wild, Wonderful, and Misunderstood,” by Anna Patrick

WMMT Mountain Talk. “Ethical Reporting in Appalachia.”

WMFA. “Elizabeth Catte,” by Courtney Balestier

Southern Foodways Alliance. “Salesmanship and Stereotypes in Appalachia.”

Boston NPR (WBUR). “A Year in Books: Taking a Look at the Top Titles of 2018.”

Buzzfeed. “35 Books Librarians Have Recently Loved.”

Socialist Worker. “Educators Tell the Story of #55Strong,” by Ryan Powers.

Slate. “Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread, Comrades,” by Leigh Ann Carey

The Dig. “The Problem with the Problem with Appalachia.”

Mother Jones. “Here are our Favorite Nonfiction Books of 2018.”

Garden & Gun. “Best Books of 2018.”

Kentucky Herald-Leader. “A truer voice on obstacles, hope for Appalachia,” by Ron Formisano

LA Times. “8 books you should read instead of Hillbilly Elegy,” by Lorraine Berry

Time Magazine. “What to Know About Hillbilly Elegy as the Movie Adaptation Hits Netflix,” by Annabel Gutterman

Kirkus. Pure America (starred review).

Publishers Weekly. Pure America (starred review). 

Boston Review. “The Logic of Eugenics Still Haunts Virginia,” by Ellen Wayland-Smith

Sara Beth West. “On Historical Sins and Elizabeth Catte’s Pure America,” by Sara Beth West

Sara Beth West. “An Interview with Elizabeth Catte,” by Sara Beth West

Kirkus. “Small Books that Shine a Big Light,” by Tom Beer

Shelf Life. “Q&A with Shelf Life Author Elizabeth Catte,” by Virginia Festival of the Book

Virginian-Pilot. “A Look at Virginia’s Eugenics Movement,” by Denise Watson

Salon. “Pure America author Elizabeth Catte sees the shadow of eugenics…” by Mary Elizabeth

Scalawag. “Pure America: Eugenics Past and Present,” by Adam Willems

The National Book Review. “5 Hot Books.”

Southern Review of Books.  “Pure America,” by Lacey Lyons

Wall Street Journal. “Pure America Review: Eugenics Past and Present,” by Barbara Spindel

LA Review of Books. “No Hedging: On Elizabeth Catte’s Pure America,” by Anna Aguiar Kosicki

The New Republic. “The Chilling Persistence of Eugenics,” by Chris Lehmann

Nursing Clio. “Containment and Control, Not Care or Cure” by Sarah Calise

Christian Century. “A landscape scarred by the trauma of eugenics” by Chris Hammer

Publishers Weekly. “Best books of 2021”

Washington Post. “Britney Spears, Carrie Buck…” by Gillian Brockell

Wall Street Journal. “Who read what in 2022”

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